Phrat Boy Supe Teaser

June 3, 2014 / Comments (13)

Big Supe will be releasing a new mixtape Phrat Boy Supe June 13th, which also happens to land on Friday the 13th. Don't walk by any black cats while downloading the tape. Everyone will absolutely love this mixtape. By far, his best work yet, and he isn't stopping here. Three music videos will be released from this tape alone. So get ready for the summer, it's hotter than expected.

Rico Bodega

June 1, 2014 / Comments (23)

A name change took place when Founder Matt Michetti AKA Young Matty spoke with Guapo at the time about changing his name because of copyright issues and overload of "artists' using that name. So they both agreed a name change was needed. After a long thinking process, it was announced he had changed his name once and for all, to Rico Bodega, which everyone seems to love much more than the name Guapo. Guapo may have past, but Rico is here to stay, and a lot stronger at that.

Let's Go Back 3 Years

May 31, 2014 / Comments (7)

Let's go back three years. Young Matty and Big Supe bring in the new year of 2011 by a bonfire. A long time ago it seems. Progression as happened and it's bigger than ever.

Anderson iTune Single

May 30, 2014 / Comments (20)

Are you guys ready for an Anderson single? June 21 we release his single on iTunes Bout That. He spits complete fire on this track and no doubt it will hit the charts. Be ready for this one.

Zee1's Tour Dates

May 30, 2014 / Comments (25)

Zee1 will be on a little mini tour in the US. Don’t miss him when he comes to a city near you!

July 4...........The Vault - LA
July 5...........The Edison - LA
July 11...........Smart Bar - CHI
July 12...........Cielo - NY
July 20...........Club Twist - OH

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